“Dear Michael,

I want to thank you for your support of the 2009 OSU SOLAR DECATHLON TEAM.We absolutely could not have done it without you! I was so impressed with how clean & neat our electrical looked compared to the other teams,and was excited when we were one of the first teams approved for DC Electrical connection.I know we all learned a lot from you,and I hope you also found the experience valuable.”

thanks again,

2009 SD Engineering Team

“Mr. Watkins was extremely important in all aspects of the electrical systems of the team’s house,and without his guidance the team would not have been able to accomplish their goal.Mr. Watkins is the definition of a professional and patient teacher.His willingness to teach students,in addition to ensuring the safety of all workers,speaks to his great character. Mr.Watkins’ work ethic cannot be questioned as he made the extra effort working all hours to help the team complete and test the house as our deadline neared,and he even made the trip to Washington,D.C. to ensure that the reassembly was conducted properly.Mr. Watkins is a great electrician with an expert knowledge of solar installation,but he is an even better teacher and the team would have been lost without him.”


Lucas M.D.

“Mr.Watkins has proven to be very capable at understanding our design intentions and has been extremely enthusiastic throughout the installation process. He has been a pleasure to work with and the entire team is proud to have him assist us in setting up the Solar Decathlon House in Washington,D.C. for the international competition in October.”


Steve W.

“Michael Watkins, of Watt 1 Electrical Systems recently installed the electrical portion of a photovoltaic (PV) installation at AEP’s Dolan Lab in Groveport, Ohio. The installation consisted of one 1.3 kilowatt, pole-mounted PV array, and one 1.2 kilowatt concentrated PV array. The installation is unique and one of the first of its kind. Mr. Watkins was extremely professional and a pleasure to work with during the installation. His professionalism was demonstrated through his deep knowledge of electrical systems, his attention to detail and his ability to perform within the strict safety guidelines at our lab. American Electric Power is extremely satisfied with the electrical work Mr. Watkins performed, and would definitely consider using his services for any other electrical project we may have in the future.”


Chris M. S.